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August 25, 2021 2 min read

Our newest limited edition, the Garden Party Soap, is a summer and audience inspired tale! I not only set out to create a scent reminiscent of warm evening cocktails enjoyed in the yard - but I also tapped my social media & newsletter followers to help me design this lovely creation. The result: a delightfully fresh & uplifting soap that reminds me of the sparkling evening light in a verdant garden. 

etta and billie new soap drying on the racks before being packaged

The Beginning Ingredients

First, I peaked at my inventory to get the creative juices flowing. I had always wanted to bring back my basil oil for a new scent - so when I took another smell of my chamomile oil, all I could smell and see was an apple basil scent profile. It was dreamy. From there, I opted to have a crowd inclusive style decision on the final components and toppings. Their options were: Lime Peel or Lemon Verbena for in the soap, and Calendula Petals or Red Lava Salt for the topping. 

calendula petals and red lava salt in small piles on white backdrop

The Final Result

We sent a newsletter quiz and took a social media poll to hear from our following! After a week or so of polling on both platforms, the results were obvious. Lemon Verbena was the winner for the final ingredient and Red Lava Salt won for the topping. I was so excited on these results because I knew it was going to smell & look amazing, see below! 

etta and billie's new limited edition soap finally completed without packaging and held up in someone's hand

Naming The Soap

Given that my followers helped design the soap, it only felt right to have them name the soap as well! We first asked everyone to submit their name suggestions so us and narrowed down the 2 final names that fit the look & feel of the soap: Mediterranean Julep and Garden Party! And, to much of our surprise, Garden Party won by a landslide in our final poll. 

etta and billie new garden party soap flat lay with basil leaves, red lava salt, and apple on marble counter

Our Garden Party soap is a limited edition bar that is a blend of freshness, herbal aromas, and a touch of tart citrus. This soap is the perfect end of summer skin treat! Get your before we run out and sign up for early access for all of our upcoming limited edition releases as well! 


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