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June 22, 2023 1 min read

Here are my top 5 skin tips to keep you and your skin happy and healthy this summer. Read on and get out there and enjoy the sunshine!

Top 5 Summer Skincare Tips

1. Sunscreen - Always!

    Slather on the sunscreen. Apply at least 30 minutes prior to major sun exposure and re-apply every 2 hours or so. I like Alba Botanica'scream sunscreen or Sport natural sunscreen. For your face, use mineral makeup with an SPF or check out the tinted products from ILIA.

    2. Cover Up

    Double up the skin protection when heading for the beach, lake or park. Wear a hat and a cover-up. Or a cute printed rashguard with SPF.

      3. Consider the UV Rays

      Limit sun exposure. Especially between the hours of 10 am to 2 pm when UV rays are most intense. I know, it’s hard when there are so many fun things to do outside in the summer but it is the most effective method to protect skin.
      4. Always Hydrate!

        Water, water and more water. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Not a huge fan of plain water? Add a few slices of cucumber, melon or sprigs of mint for a subtle yet delicious flavor.

          5. Exfoliate Regularly

          All that sun, sand and fun takes a toll on your skin. Use a gentle exfoliant for facial skin, like finely ground oatmeal mixed with yogurt or honey, and one of our hydrating sea salt scrubs on your body to keep skin healthy and aid in cell turnover.

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