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June 26, 2015 1 min read

It’s officially Pride month! Yeah! A fantastic time to be in San Francisco. There is a festive mood about the city and rainbow flags everywhere. I’m always down for some rainbows and parties but Pride is really about celebrating diversity, love, expressing your individuality and having no f*&cks to give about what other’s might have to say about us. Pretty amazing.

A friend recently shared this fantastic video, that got me a bit teary. It’s all about love and acceptance. Love endures ridicule & prejudices. Love is universal. Love has no labels. It feels perfect for Pride.

Each of us has a responsibility to redefine how society views I applaud you for being catalyst for change. Keep spreading love and acceptance!

Edit: I’m am so proud of my country today. The Supreme Courts decision on marriage equality is a massive step in the right direction. Love is love!

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