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February 14, 2022 3 min read

As you know, Etta + Billie lip balms are loaded with enriching ingredients that nourish your lips without stripping you of moisture. The sad truth is that many drugstore lip balms (yes, even some of your favorites!) might actually be hurting your daily lip care routine. Many common ingredients and additives in lip balms are actually causing damage to those luscious lips. Lucky for you, we have a lip balm selection to satisfy your flavor desires. Choose between our refreshing Double Mint Lip Balm, invigorating Ginger Orange Lip Balm, or keep it sweet n' floral with our Lavender. Whichever you reach for, our lip balm is guaranteed to actually repair those chapped lips without doing further damage. 

Consider The Ingredients 

The top three ingredient culprits in your chapstick are causing your lips to resist moisture - and become more dry and cracked.

  • Camphor, which used to be distilled from a tree bark but now is made from turpentine oil, wax and alcohol are among the formulations of the top balms on the market. Given that many lip balms in the 99 cent section are mass produced - it would make sense that they keep their ingredients cheap!
  • In addition to these harmful components, synthetic fragrances can often irritate the skin or keep your lips from fully healing the way you'd hope.
  • Mineral oil or petrolatumare byproducts of the refining process of gasoline (yes, you read that correctly). While they do create a moisture barrier on your skin, it comes at a great cost! These ingredients interfere with skins natural hydration cycle which leads to excessive chapping, which then leads you to use more of the product containing mineral oil. Thus creating a very vicious cycle where your skin is "addicted" to the petrolatum or mineral oil because its the only thing that will now work to resolve your chapped skin issue! This is one of the ingredients that I always stay away from in any of my products.

If any of these symptoms sound like you, then you should definitely consider going natural with your lip balms! 


woman applying etta and billie lip balm

Be Kind To Your Skin 

Your lips are one of the most delicate parts of your body. The skin on your lips is incredibly thin – with only three to six layers of cells in comparison to the 16 layers everywhere else on your body. In fact, there are so few layers and the blood vessels are so close to the surface which is why our lips have a rosy/pink hue to them. One of the many reasons why lip care is just as important as skin care! Lip balms work by sealing moisture into your lips, creating a protective barrier between your lips and the elements. You thoughtfully choose the quality of your skincare, why shouldn't your lips get the same type of treatment!?

etta and billie lip balm trio on concrete with cast shadow

Provide Real Hydration

Seal moisture into lips and protect them from external exposure! My lip balms are formulated with a nourishing mix of fair trade shea butter, organic jojoba oil, beeswax, organic virgin coconut oil, and organic cocoa butter. The perfect way to moisturize, soothe and support healthy skin. I especially love this blend of body butters and oil because rather than rubbing off quickly after applying - these ingredients will soak deep into multiple layers of your skin as soon as you apply. Any of my three lip balms flavors are fantastic for an overnight hydration pack for your lips, or on the go moisture throughout your busy day! 

hand holding etta and billie lip balm trio against concrete

Don't get me wrong, drugstore lip balms were a huge part of all of our teen lives (Peach Lip Smackers, anyone!?). But knowing what we know about our skincare as we've gotten older, it makes me think twice about the products I choose to use on the daily. Our lips are such a delicate and prominent part of our body, it only makes sense to give them the best. Shop any three of our core lip balms scents, or get them all in our Lip Balm Trio

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