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July 02, 2020 2 min read

There’s no doubt that this summer will look unlike any other that we have experienced before. Summer camps, vacations, and hitting the town are a thing of the past as we now must learn how to navigate social distancing during a season that is historically spent in the company of others. If you’ve got annual summer traditions or had previously planned trips, there are still unique ways to enjoy this season and recreate those memories closer to home.

If your camping trip is cancelled...

Hitting up the outdoors to explore and spend the night under the stars is a summer tradition for many families. If your local campgrounds have been closed, move your campsite to somewhere more local… perhaps your backyard! Pitch a tent and move your supplies outdoors. To make things extra special, try out some new camping recipes that provide an upgraded spin on the classics like s’mores and chili

If your travel plans are cancelled…

If you planned on jet setting to some exotic destination this summer, you can still enjoy the food and culture of that destination without even leaving your home! Turn your trip to Italy into a delicious pasta and wine night. Create an authentic dish with homemade pasta (don’t worry, you’ve got the time!), some great wine and cheese, and finish the night off with dessert. Wherever you had planned on visiting, create an experience at home with that region’s native dishes and spend the day educating yourself on the culture through reading or watching movies. This is a great way to use your creativity and “visit” multiple regions with differing traditions and ways of life.

If your child's summer camp is cancelled….

Going to summer camp provides some of the fondest memories for many during this season. Not to mention, it gives parents that needed break in the day from those little ones. If your child’s annual summer camp was cancelled- have no fear! In this world of digital, many camps are hosting FREE virtual summer camps. These camps range from a traditional camp routine with larger group settings to more individualized one-on-one mentoring with a counselor. For a list of amazing virtual camps for your little ones, checkout Parent’s “14 Free Virtual Summer Camps Your Kids Will Love”.

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