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May 13, 2020 1 min read 1 Comment

We’re moving! Our family has decided to take a trip down the coast and relocate to Southern California to become closer to our loved ones. We are looking forward to this change of scenery and excited to explore more of the outdoors in our new home. 

With that being said, Etta+Billie is also making a move! Orders placed after May 20th will not ship until June 9th once we are settled into our new, Southern California location. Since E+B is staying in California, shipping times should remain unaffected.

We have a special promo to kick off this exciting move! All products are buy two, get one free, plus, free shipping on all orders $50 and up. Sale ends on May 20th. 

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty throughout the years. My family and I are looking forward to this change and cannot wait to see what is in store! 


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Carol Zenga
Carol Zenga

May 24, 2020

Hi Alana. Congratulations, how exciting! Where in SoCal will your family relocate to. I love it there, although consider SF my home of 45 years, although I moved to Connecticut 2018. I remain a San Franciscan even here. It’s hard to take that away from someone. Ignore my question about the lip balm, I was just looking at the BUNDLE. I looked further in ALL ITEMS and see it can be bought individually. I also see a move special of buy 2 get one free which I’d like to buy 2 of each: the lip balm and Geranium Patchouli Skin Balm. However, I see I just missed the cur-off date of May 20th. Could you so kindly honor that offer for me, if I’m not asking too much. Thanks, and a safe and problem-free move. We had a snag-free cross country move, an entire condo and 2 cars, went without a cinch. Luck on you!

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